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2016 is DDI’s ten year anniversary, totaling 18 years as a Phase One specialist
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New Phase One XF - IQ3 100 System

New Phase One XF - IQ3 100 System Call for
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New Features

The New Phase One XF - IQ3 100 SYSTEM

  • Phase One Color Perfection
  • 16 bit analogue feel
  • 15 stops of dynamic rang
  • Clean ISO from 50-12800
  • 60 minute exposures
  • Output via Wi-fi, USB and NOW HDMI
  • Live View with 30 frames per second
  • Electronic First Curtain Shutter

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XF 100MP Camera System. The Ultimate Image Quality

• For more than 20 years we at Phase One have been pushing thelimits of digital image quality to help our customers stand out.With the XF 100MP Camera System, everything we’ve beenworking on finally comes together in one system. Ultimate Imagequality combined with the ultimate creative freedom to help ourcustomers create new masterpieces.

100MP Full Frame Medium Format CMOS Perfection

• We’ve always strived to offer our customers the ultimatephotographic flexibility. We were the first to offer Full FrameMedium Format CCD systems and now we’re proud to be the firstto offer a Full Frame Medium Format CMOS solution. The PhaseOne XF 100MP Camera System offers the same great advantagesof full frame usability with the added benefits of CMOS. No lenscrop factors, no focus screen masks, just uncompromised imagequality from edge to edge.


Phase One Color Perfection

• At Phase One professional color management has always been anessential part of ensuring our customers get the ultimate imagequality they demand. Phase One’s own Image Professor, Niels V.Knudsen and his team have worked for decades perfecting thecolor response of Phase One hardware, ensuring accurate colorsare delivered while maintaining customized, pleasing and dynamicfile render is emphasized. The Phase One Color is not just ascience but a passion that runs deep at Phase One and a essentialpart of what makes our customers stand out.

16 bit analogue feel

• For quite some time Digital Photography has surpassed analoguefilms in terms of resolution, ISO and Dynamic Range, but often atthe sacrifice of one feature for another. Manufactures andengineers continue to strive towards reproducing the texturesand tonal feel inherent to analogue photography whilemaintaining all possible benefits of digital photography. At PhaseOne this pursuit has always been central to what defines ultimate

image quality. With the introduction of 16-bit Color Depth,coupled with CMOS ISO flexibility, the XF 100MP delivers a natural texture and tonal feel never before seen in digital camera system.

For photographers striving for perfection, 16-bit Color isan essential addition to the versatility and resolution of the XF100MP Camera System

15 stops of dynamic range

• The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivers an unparalleled15 stops of dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in bothhighlights and shadows. This is the highest performing system interms of dynamic range that the Medium Format world has tooffer. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System is engineered toprovide the detail and unmatched quality, demanded by theworlds leading photographers.

Clean ISO from 50-12800

• By combining new sensor technology and years of experience innoise suppression through Capture One software, the Phase OneXF 100MP ISO range delivers unparalleled creative freedom andperformance in all shooting conditions. With a previouslyunthinkable base ISO of 50, the Phase One XF 100MP delivers theflexibility of longer exposures and unrestricted use of fast lenses,all while providing the cleanest possible results. Expanding onCMOS technology, the XF 100MP can offer higher ISO versatilityand , with Capture One software, retain excellent noisesuppression and file render.

60 minute exposures

• The new XF 100MP System delivers extreme long exposures of upto 60 minutes in full 100MP resolution. The IQ3 100MP is yet againthe first of its kind to offer such flexibility in a creative tool. Withno compromise in ISO flexibility and exposure limitation, allavailable on a full frame CMOS sensor, the possibilities for topphotographers are endless.

Precision lenses

• We offer our customers the best and most precise lenses in theworld. Our Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with worldrenownedoptics manufacturer, Schneider Kreuznach of Germany.Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics andprecision manufacturing, the Leaf Shutter Lenses are some of thesharpest lenses in the world and ready to compliment the newPhase One XF 100MP Camera System.

IQ3 100 Lenses

Electronic First Curtain Shutter

• Continuing on our path to provide uncompromised image quality,we are pleased to provide EFCS technology with the Phase One100MP Camera System. The addition of “Electronic First CurtainShutter” to the XF 100MP Camera System means a furtherreduction in adverse vibration effects on high-resolution images.The benefit of EFCS is a significant reduction in camera vibrationas it allows less mechanical dependency, which greatly improvessharpness when using shutter speeds that demand the steadiestconditions. The EFCS is worry free as it automatically activateswhen using Vibration Delay or activating Mirror Up. With such asignificant increase in resolution, we’re proud to provide the toolsand technologies that ensure the best image quality is delivered.

The Capture One Difference

• Our hardware and software teams are working closely together todeliver unrivalled image quality, fast and efficient workflows, aswell as superior creative tools. With the XF 100MP CameraSystem, we have created a new file format to facilitate the 16-bitpower of the 100MP CMOS Camera System. This 16-bit format,exclusive to Phase One, will offer unprecedented image quality tocompliment unparalleled speed for your day-to-day workflow.The elegant relationship between Camera System and CaptureOne has never been so harmonious.

Capture One V9 Pro

Joint sensor development and optimization

• Phase One and Sony have been development partners for years,the 50MP sensor being the first milestone of our cooperation, nowfound in the XF IQ3 50MP. Creating the full frame sibling to the50MP CMOS system has been a top priority of Phase One foryears. We’re proud to now deliver a solution that achieves theimage quality requirements Phase One customers expect, all whileproviding the performance advantages inherent to 100MP CMOSsensor technology. Phase One sensor experts have been workinghard to optimize the complete use of the 100MP sensor for theworlds most demanding photographers.

XF Camera System – Ultimate high resolution performance

• With 100MP of resolution, a delicate balance and attention tooperational detail is essential. The XF Camera System was builtwith optimal 100MP performance in mind. As such, features likethe HAP-1 AF, Vibration Tracking, Vibration Detection andElectronic First Curtain Shutter technology were all build for thismoment, to ensure the ultimate 100MP performance.

IQ3-100 xf

1/1600 flash sync Leaf shutter lenses

• With an integrated Leaf Shutter, the range of SchneiderKreuznach lenses has flash synchronization speeds of up to1/1600th of a second, something impossible for alternative MediumFormat systems. Photographers can easily overpower ambientlight using flash, providing complete control of the subject andassisting in freezing motion, as well as creating beautiful lightingeffects.

Flexible & Easy OneTouch User Interface

• The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System comes equipped with aflexible and upgradable camera operating system. The OneTouchUI allows the user to customize the controls and interface of theXF Camera System. The OneTouch UI allows for easy upgradesand add-on features to ensure you get the full potential out of thenew 100MP sensor.

Precise Honeybee Autofocus Platform

• HAP-1 is designed from the ground up with a custom processorcoupled with a dedicated high-resolution CMOS sensor. Thiscombination creates a unique floating-point architecture and afully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand, updateand customize. HAP-1 was engineered and designed withresolution advancements, and future technology growth, in mind.We’re certain the HAP-1 system will buzz with the new XF 100MPCamera System straight out of the box.

Extensive Vibration Reduction

• Vibration reduction is certainly important for sharp images, butincreases in importance at an exponential rate when resolutionincreases and pixel size decreases. The XF 100MP CameraSystem benefits from advanced Vibration ReductionCommunication throughout the entire system to ensure that theright tools are used at the right time, ensuring crisp, clean anddetail rich images with each capture. The entire XF CameraSystem is key to ensure the full potential of your 100MP resolutionis met.

Accurate Viewfinders

• Both the Prism Viewfinder and Waist Level Finder are built for fullframe coverage, providing edge-to-edge brightness so nothing ismissed. In addition we have designed new focus indication toolsfor both the XF prism and Waist Level Finder that will support theentire Phase One XF IQ3 range, ensuring ease and accuracyregardless of your workflow.

IQ3-100 xf WLF finders

IIQ L 16bit – the first 16 bit CMOS file format

• With the XF 100MP Camera System, we are introducing a new fileformat custom built for the 100MP CMOS sensor, the “IIQ L 16bit”.While we have always delivered 16-bit color depth with CCDbased systems, the 100MP is the first CMOS sensor to deliver true16-bit output captured directly from the chip. To enable thisfunctionality, IIQ L 16bit is the first dedicated file format to deliverefficient and precise 16-bit CMOS based images.

16 bit Capture One processing

• Interpreting 16-bit color is not only science, it’s a delicate balanceof thousands of parameters meticulously evaluated andorchestrated in both hardware as well as software, all to deliverbreathtaking results. We have spent decades of softwaredevelopment to create custom color algorithms in Capture OnePRO. The XF 100MP Camera System is born into this legacy andwill be the first and only 100MP Capture One PRO performer,ready from day one.

16 bit vs. 14 bit

• The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System will be capable ofcapturing in both 14-bit and 16-bit color modes, depending on thedemand and workflow requirements of the photographer. Insituations where a faster workflow and smaller file size ispreferred the option to capture in 14bit, while retaining fullresolution, is simply a setting away. Where increased speed andfurther file size compression is a priority, turning on the IIQ smartcompression format (IIQ s) is always an option.

Lossless and Intelligent compression

• With the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System there are threeuser selectable formats: IIQ L-16bit, IIQ L and IIQ s. Both IIQ L-16bit and IIQ L are lossless compression formats, capturing 100MPresolution in 16-bit and 14-bit color depth respectively. The IIQ sformat is exclusively developed, and has been optimized by PhaseOne for more than a decade. Image data is analyzed on the fly toprovide 33% to 25% file compression sizes while retaining fullresolution and impeccable image quality at a near lossless, 14-bit,compression. With the launch of the XF 100MP Camera System,we are proud to report the IIQ s file format has been refactored toprovide results that are even better than before.

IQ3-100 xf side

Fast and fluid Live View providing the ultimate workflow

• One of the main advantages of CMOS technology is the stunningsensor read-out speed. One benefit from this read-out speed isfast and fluid Live View enabling simple, clear and precise focus inreal-time as well as immediate reference for dynamiccomposition. With Phase One XF Medium Format CameraSystems and high-resolution imaging, focus can be critical andLive View can ensure consistent success.

Perfect focus – with a single touch

• With the large, high-resolution touch screen of the XF 100MPCamera System, Live View can be displayed in all its beautydirectly on the system. Double-tap on the display to zoom to100% and adjust focus with immediate visual feedback. With thePhase One XF 100MP Camera System it is easy to achieve perfectfocus, even in the most demanding conditions.

30 frames per second

• Fluid Live View is measured in frames per second, and at 30FPSeverything looks perfectly smooth. The processing in the XF100MP Camera System is fast enough to provide high qualityimagery in real-time utilizing high frame rates. With the XF100MP Camera System, latency is virtually non-existent.

Output via Wi-fi, USB and NOW HDMI

• With the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivering aconsistent high-quality Live View feed, it is possible to output thefeed through Wi-Fi, USB or the newly added HDMI output port.Whether you are shooting tethered to a computer, connected toCapture Pilot via Wi-Fi, or attach a field monitor using the newHDMI port, you can use Live View to efficiently elevate theprecision of your focus and composition. HDMI output createssubstantial opportunities for your workflow, be it onset to anexternal display or in the field for a more robust Live Viewexperience, the HDMI output provides you with composition toolsand a workflow that works for you.

iq3 100 hdmi

Capture during Live View

• CMOS sensor technology allows for an unmatched Live Viewexperience. With the IQ3 50MP, and now the IQ3 100MP, LiveView is greatly improved with the ability to capture during LiveView operation. Whether you are using Live View on the digitalback itself or through Capture One Pro, a simple click of theshutter will capture your image at full resolution just as you areseeing it in real-time. Once the image is captured, you’llseamlessly return to live view to continue your required workflow.

Ultimate Service & Support

Phase One offers the best in-class support, promising our hardwareusers a response from the globally positioned expert support teamwithin 8 hours, regardless of location and no matter what theconcern. “We promise to respond within 8 hours. But typically, that is7 hours more than we need” – Ulf Liljegren, Phase One SupportManager.

5 Year Warranty

• Offering an unprecedented and industry leading 5-year warranty,Phase One covers the entire system from top to bottom, lens tosensor. If your Phase One system should suffer a fault within 5years, we will tackle repairs without hesitation.

5 Year Uptime Guarantee

• Exclusive to Phase One, we provide you with a worry free 5-yearuptime guarantee. This guarantee provides you access to loanequipment should you need to send us your system for anyreason, as well as on site service should it be necessary.

360° Service Guarantee

• At Phase One we are thorough in everything we do. That meansthat every time we get a system in for service, we take the time torun a full diagnostic and make sure every little part is spinning likenew. This is our way of securing the best possible reliability andlongevity for all our products.

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