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2016 is DDI’s ten year anniversary, totaling 18 years as a Phase One specialist
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Pre-owned-Phase-One-IQ260-V-back-kit From £9995.00 Plus VAT

New Features

Pre-owned (mint conditon) V-fit IQ260

Compatible with

  • Hasselblad V fit
  • 500,501,503,SWC,ELX,ELM
  • And most Technical cameras


  • 60 Megapixels & 15 Megapixels (Sensor plus)
  • ISO 50-800 & 200-3200 (Sensor plus)
  • 13 stops dynamic range
  • WiFi to iPad
  • One Hour Exposure

Call Direct Digital Imaging today to order your Pre-owned-Phase-One-IQ260-V-back-kit on:-

Tel: 0113 2370563 Mobile: 07950 368554 Email:
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Pre-owned IQ260 V fit digital back

DDI Pre-owned price £9,995.00 plus vat & shipping

Upgrade to a Phase One 12-month warranty for £1065.00 plus vat

Very low use in mint condition and only 1331 frames taken

pre-owned-IQ260 v fit


  • 60 Megapixels & 15 Megapixels (Sensor plus)
  • ISO 50-800 & 200-3200 (Sensor plus)
  • 13 stops dynamic range
  • WiFi to iPad
  • One Hour Exposure

With these accessories

  • 4.5m Firewire
  • 3.5m USB 3
  • Sensor cleaning kit
  • 2x back battery and charger
  • Capture One V10 DB
pre-owned-IQ260 v fit

Also avalable at an extra £350.00 plus vat with New Phase One Stroller Case including

  • Stroler case with laptop hood in lid & F-Stop pull out ICU
  • 4.5m Firewire
  • 3.5m USB 3
  • Sensor cleaning kit
  • 2x back battery and charger
  • Capture One V10 DB
  • 16GB CF card & USB 3 card reader
  • Lens Cast call filter
pre-owned-IQ280 in case


The IQ260 goes beyond the norm; its made for extraordinary captures. 

It can deliver long exposures of up to one hour and produce 60 megapixel captures that are virtually noise free.

Download pdf data sheet

Joe Cornish on location with the IQ260 in Iceland

The big Feature list

60 megapixel captures

You can capture incredible detail with the IQ2 digital back, with the 60 megapixel.

High resolution capture gives you the freedom to crop. Recompose your images post capture there is ample data in an IQ2 image file.

From web resolution to billboard proportions you can show and share the images with minimal processing.

Abundant 13 f-stops

The extreme dynamic range of the IQ2 backs enable you to capture and do justice to every scene no matter what the lighting conditions. Bring back virtually every detail even if you didnt get the exposure spot on at the moment of capture.

Full-frame sensors

The sensors in the IQ2 backs are big. Their size allows you to maximize the use of your 645 camera equipment, including realizing the full potential of your lenses. Whether its a cramped interior space or landscape vista, the full frame sensors mean youll get more of a scene in a shot.

The 645 full frame IQ2 backs sensors dwarf a full frame DSLR sensor by more than 2.5 times. For great image quality and high resolution images, the IQ2 sensors are the market leaders.

16 bit color depth

The IQ2 backs are built to ensure you capture images with ultra smooth and subtle transitions to reproduce scenes with the ultimate finesse. IQ2 backs make this possible because images are captured with 16 bit color depth per channel.


One moment youre creating studio shots for billboards, the next youre shooting editorial content on location.

With Sensor+ in the IQ2 backs you can do both 60.5Mp & 15Mp, and you can configure the digital back for optimal results in both cases. Sensor+ lets you switch easily from high resolution and low ISO captures to lower resolution and higher ISO captures without degrading the pixel level quality of the image.

Capturing with Sensor+ is especially well suited for shooting in low light conditions. With Sensor+ there are no crop or lens factors so you get the maximum wide-angle performance with your lenses.

Fast tethered capture

Connect your IQ2 tethered to a computer running Capture One and you can control every aspect of the captured image, from basic exposure to more advanced capture settings.

Connect using USB3 or FireWire 800; its the fastest way to get your images on the computer instantly. The IQ2 backs are among only a handful of cameras and backs that feature these connectivity options.

Live View for instant focus

The Live View feature on the IQ2 backs lets you fine-tune focus before you capture the image. This is particularly handy when you are working with a technical view camera in the studio (e.g. for still-life photography) or outdoors when shooting architecture. Live View gives you instant feedback on whats in focus.

Fastest card capture

The IQ2 backs feature some of the fastest memory card interfaces on the market. This ensures that you can continue capturing images until the memory card is full, without running into any buffering issues.

Review wirelessly

The larger screen on the iPad makes it easy to judge com

position and focus. With the wireless connectivity in back, you can review and select images on the fly with an iPad running Capture Pilot. Rating and color tags are safely applied to the original files on the memory card in the back.

Remember favorite spots and include location data from your iPhone/iPad with the images you capture. Location data will be stored along with the image and when imported into Capture One it will be available for the images.

Stay focused on the spot. When you're reviewing images on the fly and want to check focus, zooming into the preview at the critical spot using Capture Pilot will ensure that the next images coming in will be shown zoomed in exactly the same way. This makes it easy to detect even the most subtle focus changes and to select the right image fast with high accuracy.

The IQ2 backs support your wireless workflow whether you are focused on basic composition or intricate image detail. The back will automatically detect which iPad is connected and share previews in as high resolution as it can handle. You can override this setting and choose to send lower resolution previews to increase responsiveness.

Give yourself more space and avoid the camera or monitor huddle using the wireless capabilities. Simply give a client or an art director an iPad with Capture Pilot when working on set; they can get involved, check and rate the images from afar.

Wireless built-in

You don't have to buy extra accessories or mount more gadgets on your camera. The wireless feature is an integrated part of the IQ2 backs. In spite of it being one of the fastest wireless solutions on the market and even with its two built-in antennas, weve managed to retain the original form factor of the IQ backs.

You can widen the reach of the wireless functionality with the IQ2 by adding an access point as a hub between your IQ2 and the devices you want connected to it.

Security of the wireless connection is a priority. You can set up access control easily and effectively, so you are in command of who has access to your captured images.

High res touch display

The IQ2 backs all feature a 3.2 inch display designed to work equally well indoors as outdoors. Thanks to its extreme viewing angle of 170 degrees images can easily be validated at a glance. The display delivers incredible color rendition that can reproduce tonal gradations in 16 million different shades.

The IQ2 touch screen display boasts a stunning 1.15 megapixel resolution and a high pixel pitch of 290 ppi to make reviewing images a pleasure.

Use either the large IQ2 display with touch gestures or the four external buttons to quickly and effortlessly control all menus, tools and settings. Or simply combine the two approaches for intuitive and rapid control and navigation.

Virtual horizon

The IQ2 backs have embedded accelerometers, and the input from these can help you align your images perfectly at the moment of capture. Youre presented with an intuitive virtual horizon that gives you a precise visual indication of the roll and pitch of the image youre about to capture.

The roll and pitch data is stored with the images so you can have Capture One automatically correct the images to compensate for this during import.

Focus mask

You can speed up the focus validation process using the Focus Mask of the IQ2. This feature will display a colored, semi-transparent mask on top of the preview to show which parts of the image are in focus.

IQ2 overview

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