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2016 is DDI’s ten year anniversary, totaling 18 years as a Phase One specialist
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Capture One Pro 10 Pro

Capture One V9 Pro

Capture One 10 software suppled by Capture One Complete.

Capture One Complete is a new dedicated web site to Capture One 

and is part of Direct Digital Imaging.

Capture One Pro 10 is the world's best raw converter, rendering precise colors and incredible detail with support for leading high-end cameras. It contains flexible, digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customizable and integrated solution.

C1C Price now only  £244.95 plus vat (Digital down load)

  • Now with 3 activations with each one user key code

At C1C we offer a complete solution to Capture One:

For much more infomation, Download a 30 day trial, and lots of Free plug-ins

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buy capture oneCapture One

  • C1C Price £244.95 plus vat (Digital down load)


Whether you are a Mac or PC user, Capture One 10 is now even faster and morerewarding to work with.1. Accelerate workflow with enhanced underlying processes and systemmanagement.2. Increase momentum with faster browsing, zooming, panning or switchingbetween images at 100% view.


Get ultimate control over sharpening via a new smart three-step process, usingonly the steps you need.1. Capture sharpening. A lens option corrects lost sharpness caused bydiffraction.2. Creative sharpening. Provides the ability for the photographer to creativelysharpen an entire image, or different elements within it.3. Output sharpening. Enables targeted sharpening for the final outputmedium, letting you take into account the viewing distance and scaling ofthe final image.


Take image editing to a whole new level with an industry first: Tangent panelsystem support.1. Simplify creativity with a single tactile interface that integrates Tangent andtheir Element line of panels.2. Combine all Element panels into the ultimate interface or build-up yourselection, one at a time.3. Use multiple sliders and controls in combination and shortcut up to 460deep menu items for optimal efficiency.


Enhance your ability to filter images with a new orientation option.1. Filter by portrait, landscape or square formats.


Existing Apple Scripting has been extended to provide Meta Data editing.


Take industry-leading tether controls a step further by adjusting focus fromCapture One. Save time making quick changes in Still Life set-ups.1. Auto focus your camera from Capture One (for all supported cameras)2. Manual focus can now be performed in and outside of Live View (Sony andPhase One only, Canon and Nikon requires opening Lv)


Redesigned to compliment the new Sharpening tools, Capture One Pro’s newintuitive workspace makes your favorite tools even more accessible.1. Free your creativity and work smarter.


Capture One 10’s image processing pipeline has been improved and extended.1. Improved RAW controls for mRAW and sRAW formats, for both Canon andNikon cameras. Full functionality including Lens Corrections (includingChromatic Aberration Analysis), and LCC.2. Achieve Auto Masking on additional files, including Xtrans, Jpeg, Tiff, mRAWand sRAW formats.NEW LCC correction for 100MPNow you can have the ultimate 100MP solution, free from concerns about striationscaused by certain wide angle lenses.1. Fully correct previously uncorrectable striations.


Rename and move folders within your Capture One catalog


@ Capture One Complete you get !

  • Software sales
  • Upgrades
  • Multi user Licenses
  • Free download plug-ins
  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Photographers review's

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Capture One Software

Capture One Pro 10 Pro Ten user license Click to view

Capture One Pro 10 Pro Ten user license

Capture One Multi User Licenses

  • 10x user from £1095.00 plus vat

Need a larger user licence go to for great deals from 5 user to 50 or more by request if needed.

Universal Lens Calibrator Click to view

Universal Lens Calibrator

No lens is perfect…

…but every one can be


A tool for all lenses to get the best from them in Capture One V6 Pro

Media Pro 1 Click to view

Media Pro 1

Media Pro 1 is Phase One's latest photo management software.

Seamless integration between Media Pro and Capture One


Multi User Click to view

Multi User

Capture One Multi User Licenses

  • 5x user from £549.00 plus vat

Need a larger user licence go to for great deals from 5 user to 50 or more by request if needed.

Capture One Pro Upgrade Click to view

Capture One Pro Upgrade

Capture One Pro Upgrade

  • Upgrade
  • V9 Pro
  • V8 Pro
  • To 10 for only £79.95 plus vat

Capture One Complete WorkShop's

Natures Images C1C workshop's1 Click to view

Natures Images C1C workshop's1

Raw Processing weekend.

Getting the exposure right, the image sharp and the composition you want at the point when you take the image is without doubt the best practice. Having done so though there's still a last step to take in turning that digital RAW file into a final image that does justice to your skill and work up until that point, and that is making sure you really get the most out of it with your processing.

Capture One workshops Click to view

Capture One workshops

The workshops will enable you to get the very best quality images from your RAW files and include many time-saving techniques that will greatly reduce the need for post-production work. In effect this amounts to less time spent at the computer giving more time to spend behind the camera!

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