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2016 is DDI’s ten year anniversary, totaling 18 years as a Phase One specialist
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Scotland from the Air XF IQ3 100 Click to view

Scotland from the Air  Shahbaz Majeeb & Chris Ireland Airal XF IQ3 100 shoot


Steve Gosling with his A series IQ3 50 System Click to view

Steve Gosling upgrades to the A series IQ3 50 and gets a new prospective in his photography.

Shahbaz Majeed Click to view

Shahbaz Majeed with his New XF IQ380

Joe Cornish Testing the IQ3 100MP back Click to view

Joe Cornish tests the New IQ3 100MP back

From DSLR to Medium Format, William Barrington Binns Click to view

From DSLR to Medium Format, William Barrington Binns.

After only just getting his XF system he went of to Thailand and came back with gold.

Richard Osbourne Click to view

Richard Osbourne gets the Phase One P45+ and now expllains why Medium Format is better the 35mm

Gareth Hacon and P65+DF 645 Click to view

On location with Gareth Hacon Landscape photograper and the P65+ with DF 645 system.


John Rawson Click to view

Award-Winning Hair & Beauty Photographer. John Rawson

  • 2 years ago I bought the P45+ which has had an amazing effect on my business
Kenny Martin P40+ and DF system Click to view
  • A GP photographer’s perspective of the new Phase One Camera. Is this the best system in the world? Read the latest review by Phase One user Kenny Martin and find out.
Joe Cornish and his P45+ Back. Click to view
  • Owning the Phase has been startling. The quality of the files is truly amazing, and although I have used some extremely fine dslr's for assignment work, Phase files are a quantum leap better in terms of tonal quality, colour, sharpness, absence of noise, fine detail.
Phase One P45+ Peter Eastway Click to view
  • Ultimate Quality with
    Medium Format Digital
    Now that you can shoot 4x5” quality with a Phase One P45+ medium format digital back,
Phase One P45+ is Graced by Elvis Click to view
  • I’d been trying to gain access to the Elvis European Championships

It was the 75thanniversary of Elvis’ birthday.
So it needed to be shot on a Phase One P45+ and the DF Camera sistem.

Chris Ireland Click to view

Exploring digital pinhole photography

  • by Walter Borchenko.
  • I love the soft feel pinhole photography creates whilst still retaining detail. There are no camera or digital filters that I am aware of which can produce this wonderful feel.
Steve Gosling With his Phase One Back Click to view
  • In the last few years the photographic world has moved seemingly inevitably towards digital capture. And like many others I’ve been happily using film and digital cameras alongside each other - my cameras of choice have been mainly a Hasselblad 'V' system (for film) and a Canon 1DsMkII for digital.


Joe Cornish with Capture One Click to view

Adapting to digital capture has been a mixed experience for an old pro versed in traditional large format photography.

Steve Gosling with Capture One Click to view

Using Capture One allows me to fully concentrate on the picture taking process when out in the landscape.

Derek Shultz With Capture One Click to view

Creativity, speed, flexibility and mobility are absolutely necessary in my photography, which is why I use a Cannon 1DS MkIII and Capture One Pro.

Paul White With Capture One Pro Click to view

It beats Lightroom by a mile

Mike Curry With Capture One Click to view

I have taken the time to compare results from Capture One against other software and am still convinced that it produces the best results by far

George Coppock WIth Capture One Click to view

The final product is unbeatable!
If a photographer hasn't already got this software, he needs it!!

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